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Hello and welcome to 3DVulva.com. This website has been created in an effort to help women and men visualize and understand female reproductive and sexual anatomy. Traditional  images present the female anatomy in a 2D (Two Dimensional) format that does not convey its true 3D (Three Dimensional) nature. Since the female reproductive and sexual organs are for the most part hidden within the body we cannot see them when we examine the female body from the outside. As a result we often develop and hold the believe that the female genital organs are flat, or simply do not exist at all. We frequently do not realize the true size, shape, and complexity of the female sexual and reproductive  organs. This presents a barrier to understanding female sexual function.

There is an enormous diversity in the size and shape of the female reproductive organs. The images presented here do not and cannot show the unique anatomy of every woman. To do so would require us to model every woman on the planet. With time we will create models of the vulva showing some of the normal diversity of shapes and colors that exist. We acknowledge the racial diversity that exists, and in time will represent it here.

It is difficult to create accurate 3D images of the female sexual and reproductive organs, as 2D images don't provide all the necessary information. In addition, there is often significant error or omissions in these images. The medical community has only recently started to study the anatomy and function of the female sexual organs. With time we will increase the accuracy and completeness of the images and animations presented here. What you see now is only the beginning of an ongoing project.

This website is produced in conjunction with a website called The-Clitoris.com that addresses many aspects of female sexual pleasure and health.

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